Joseph Derrough

Dr Joseph Derrough bought a reproduction tea set of my sister who sells on our eBay site – he was not happy with it and was refunded in full but continued to be hostile and aggressive. Sometimes you get customers who don’t seem to appreciate that there is a human on the other side of the screen – Joseph was very bullying and aggressive with his demands which were all met as he was refunded in full. If a customer is not happy with something we will refund them in full and accept returns – that is why we are Top Rated Sellers on eBay. Maybe because it’s the anonymity of the internet – the same concept that makes people very mean and agressive in YouTube, Facebook comments etc – Joseph continued to bully my sister and reduced her to tears. He also left negative feedback on eBay. eBay removed the negative feedback as they reviewed the messages and the context of the transaction, taking into account the full refund and deemed Joseph Derrough was indeed being hostile and bullying, hiding behind the anonymity of a screen and making unreasonable demands.

Joseph Derrough MD has continued to troll us and also left us a negative review on Facebook. I have reported him to Facebook and hopefully this will get removed also. I am not sure why he has taken to start a campaign of hate against us but we are a small family business and find it all very upsetting. I have asked Joseph Derrough if he will remove his negative comments and hopefully he will take heart. I am not sure why he chose to leave all these negative comments, maybe it makes him feel better but as we were taught at school, bullies shouldn’t be tolerated.

Below I paste a full transcript of his exchanges with my sister so you can hopefully see he was always dealth with in a polite and reasonable manner. There is too much hate in the world already, I am not sure why Joseph Derrough wants to add to it and cause problems for a small family business. We are sorry Joseph Derrough feels he has had such a bad experience but as far as we – and eBay are concerned – we have done nothing wrong, he has been refunded in full. Maybe he takes pleasure in such actions, which is quite sad.
Sisters emails:

Dr Joseph Derrough buys Art deco tea set from me. He asks about its condition before he made the purchase. He is told it is a reproduction piece which has never been used and is in good condition. He recieves it and says that is damaged and opens a return case. He also seems pissed because another one had been sold a few months prior. Here are my responses to him:
Dec 13th I wrote:
Hi there

This is a reproduction piece I am not entirely sure which year but it is a modern piece.

Many thanks

Jan 5th I wrote:

Hi Joseph

Firstly I am very sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Are you certain that the dark mark can not polish up? silver-plate can go a dark in colour and can polish up very nicely with silver Polish.

I can assure you that I did not misrepresent the item. The lid of the creamer jug was fitting nicely when i inspected it I can only imagine it has become damaged during transit.

You are more than welcome to return the item for a full refund.

Kind regards Camilla

5th Jan I wrote:
Hi Joseph

Please can you open a return case to get this resolved and so that we can get the item returned. Unfortunately as I am in the UK I am unable to offer you a return postage label as the eBay system does not have the facility to do this. The only way around this is if I reimburse you for the cost of returning the tea set.

I did not ask you in my previous message but would you be interested in getting a partial refund for this item which could go towards the cost of removing the tarnish and getting the lid of the jug fixed?

Kind regards


January 7th I wrote:
Dear Joseph,

Prior to you purchasing the Tea Set set I wrote to you on 13th December:

‘This is a reproduction piece I am not entirely sure which year but it is a modern piece.’ I never claimed that I did not know where it came from I have just outlined that this is a modern tea set. I would also like to indicate that there could be other tea sets such as this available as it is a reproduction piece.

I sold this same piece to somebody else prior to you purchasing it and the buyer cancelled the sale and so therefore I relisted it. I have not listed another Tea Set since you have made this purchase so please clarify why you believe this to be so?

Can I ask is this your reason for returning the Tea Set? I also asked you if you would like a part refund for you to cover the cost of getting the small dark spot on the underneath cleaned up to which you have not responded? I would be very happy to resolve this by way of a substantial refund rather than you return the Tea Set.

I look forward to hearing your response

Kind regards


Jan 7th I wrote:
Hi Joseph

I have accepted the return yes that is correct I was simply giving you another option to get this fixed but if you do not wish to do that that is fine also.

Please send the Tea Set back and let me know the shipping cost which I shall reimburse you once the item is received back as stated in my previous message.

Kind regards


That was my last correspondence with himas he has since left negative feedback on eBay and also on Fcaebook. As I am sure you can see from my messages I have acted professionally and never refused to refund return ppostage nor tried to stall him.
Joseph Derrough emails:
Jan 5th
I am highly disappointed in the condition of this tea set.
You describe this as in excellent condition yet there is a black mark on the tray: see photo.
And the creamer lid does not even completely close.
You have misrepresented this item!
I demand a full refund of item, original shipping fee and I demand that you prepay the return shipping fee.
You have not been honest in your description,
I will file a claim with EBAY if you are not able to fulfill your obligation.

Jan 19th
I still have not received the return shipping fee.
You were supposed to have sent this or a prepaid shipping label to me BEFORE the return. So you receiving the item is not a condition for you reimbursing me. I expect the shipping fee reimbursed today, January 19.

Apparently FedEx is having difficulty with your address. I used the address EBAY sent me as your address.
Send your correct address immediately to me so that I can notify FedEx.

Jan 18th

The shipping fee was $223.12. According to EBAY rules, for defective merchandise (feel free to peruse new photos I added which demonstrate multiple marks and scratches) you were supposed to have either sent a prepaid shipping label or sent me the money first.
I tried to work with you and gave you the link to the USA Postal Service where anyone can buy a return label on line. You declined this and told me to ship it without sending me the shipping fee first. Again, this violates EBAY rules. You did not “work with the buyer” as EBAY requests.
So you are late in reimbursing me. I have been patient.
The item has been in your country for more than a week so I have done my part in shipping it back. It’s up to you to retrieve it.
I expect you to refund the shipping fee to me by midnight U.S.A. Pacific Standard time (GMT -8 hours) today.
I also direct you to the photo of your original shipping box which is clearly marked “unwrapped and relabeled.” Apparently you use a shipper who ships to New York and then uses the USA Postal Service to continue shipping from New York? (I have pictures of original shipping label as well if you like.)
Don’t you think they should have packed it better and used a new box? My shipper wouldn’t even reuse the box.
I mention it because it was quite poorly packed with only a few styrofoam pieces.
I am awaiting $223.12 today.